Success Stories

CostFirst Prevails in Lien Case During Pandemic

June 8, 2020

Tomas Rubio – Win POG 187870817-001

The lien of Peralta Hills was disallowed as they could not meet their burden to establish that they were the service provider, entitlement to payment.

CostFirst Prevails in Lien Case

January 21, 2020

Lien Claimant Bell Community Medical Group

TAKE NOTHING – The court’s decision was based on the claim being barred by Labor Code §3600 (a)(10) as filed post term.

WCAB Case: Damon Schouw vs. College Hospital

January 8, 2020

CostFirst announces first win of 2020. The applicant had an admitted injury in July 2014. The applicant returned to work full duties and was discharged. The applicant then requested…

Billion-Dollar Surgery Scam

July 1, 2019

Bill Reynolds and Mark Sersansie first learned about one of the most outrageous medical frauds in California history nearly a decade ago.


March 29, 2019

TAKE NOTHING – The court found that Liberty Medical Group did not meet its burden of proof in regard to the issue of whether the report from Dr. Phan was a medical-legal report.


Date: 02/20/2019

TAKE NOTHING – WCAB Judge, the Honorable Thomas Maupin, ruled that provider Orange County Global Medical Center did not meet its burden of proof regarding medical treatment…

WCAB Case: Lindsey v. Optimum Oncology; Old Republic Ins. Co. c/o Broadspire

Date: 10/26/2018

Court found that VQ OrthoCare failed to meet its burden to prove the IF unit was reasonable per the M.T.U.S. guidelines…

WCAB Case: Santiago v. Reins Int’l; Broadspire

Date: 08/16/2018

Court found Joyce Altman Interpreters’ petitions were invalid due to digital signatures vs. “wet” signatures. Costs and fees were ordered…

WCAB Case: Senquiz v. City of Fremont; York RSG

Date: 01/29/2018

Appeals Board found that the Fremont Surgery Center was subject to IBR and no threshold issues existed necessitating WCAB intervention…

CostFirst Corp. CEO Beth Howard Recognized For Her Presentation

Date: 09/14/2017

The Deputy Commissioner for the State of California Department of Insurance, George Mueller, sends a heartfelt thank you letter…

WCAB Case: Ubalba Casares Vs. William Bolthouse Farms

Date: 06/17/16

CostFirst defeats five liens at a Lien Trial by demonstrating our knowledge of admissible evidence. The WCJ relied on our Trial Brief in formulating his decision regarding the applicability of an MPN.

WCAB Case: Edward Begley Vs. SGS United States Testing

Date: 06/08/16

CostFirst utilizes the special expertise of our expert witness to separate unrelated services and charges from those for a lung transplant caused by asbestos exposure.

WCAB Case: Esther Argumaniz Robledo Vs. San Diego Unified School District

Date: 01/05/16

CostFirst prevents a Surgery Center from passing on the cost of their third party vendor providers by splitting the bill and submitting charges from two separate entities.

WCAB Case: Esther Argumaniz Robledo Vs. San Diego Unified School District

Date: 01/05/16

CostFirst uses its proprietary HEAT™ database to thwart a lien claimant’s attempt to “double dip” and collect on previously resolved services by using another name and TIN…

WCAB Case: Lawrence Smith Vs. San Diego Unified School District

Date: 01/05/16

CostFirst settles for a “de minimus” amount by demonstrating that the lien claimant cannot meet their evidentiary burden of proof.