Corona Virus Update

We are hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy. REMINDER: CostFirst is operational and has even expanded our services.  LEARN MORE

CostFirst combines Certified Bill Review Experts and Medical Coding Expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive bill review program for our clients nationwide.  Our technical knowledge and proprietary methodology account for significant saving for our clients. We provide an extra level of protection for our clients via our SHIELD™ provider vetting solution powered by HEAT™.

Expert Hands-On Solutions

Our Medical Bill Review provides medical cost savings to our client by using designated Bill Reviewers and certified coding experts, proprietary methodology, PPO networks, provider vetting, and fee schedule application.  These practices are used on the following:

• Regular bills
• E-bills
• Inpatient/outpatient hospital facility fees
• Professional surgery charges
• Exempt facilities
• U&C
• Bill negotiation
• Expert Witness (CompleteExpert™)

CostFirst Medical Bill Review Program

• 30+ years total of bill review and coding experience
• SHIELD™ provider vetting solutions powered by HEAT™
• Cutting-edge technology
• Quick turnaround time
• Reduction in medical costs

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