Solutions Overview

Lien Defense

OptiMix™ is an aggressive lien defense solution that aligns with proprietary state-of-the-art technology to address complex lien negotiation and litigation needs.

By utilizing our proprietary CUBETM software system, we can track and manage liens and defend our investigative claim and bill reviews in court.

Expert Hands-On Solutions

A negotiation tool through review analysis reporting to show maximum cost exposure, fee schedule values, and recommended allowances.

Bill review expertise at lien conferences and trials working in conjunction with defense counsel to mitigate cost exposure and minimize continuances.

Our CEv service provides our clients bill review experts during virtual phone conferences against providers.

Clients looking for an efficient and cost effective solution to resolve in pro per claims will benefit from our Walk-Through Service.

Our FastTrack service is designed to expedite lien negotiations on files that have 1-2 providers with low balances with expedited closure.

CostFirst combines Certified Bill Review Experts and cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive bill review program for our clients nationwide. 

Proprietary Integrated Solutions

CUBE™, CostFirst’s proprietary software application, integrates lien management tools with data analytics, provider tracking, and individual User Dashboards, giving our clients a distinct advantage in identifying non-qualified providers.

SHIELD is a revolutionary provider vetting program seeking to protect and save significant medical claims costs. Supported by proprietary HEAT™ software, it flags non-qualified providers proactively when integrated into your existing bill review, MPN, RFA and/or lien program platforms.