Date: 01/05/16
No: 2016-1

WCAB Case:
ADJ 8017329


CostFirst uses its proprietary HEAT™ database to thwart a lien claimant’s attempt to “double dip” and collect on previously resolved services by using another name and TIN.

Hearing: Lien Trial 01/05/16, before Honorable Linda Atcherley, SDO

Lien-claimant(s) Lien Balance Resolution
Advanced Care Specialist/RM Schilling MD, Inc. $9,970.50 Take Nothing

Case Facts

Multiple Liens were assigned to CostFirst through OptiMix™, which encompasses from negotiation through trial with no additional defense attorneys fees. One of the liens for Advanced Care Specialist Medical in the amount of $9,970.50 was previous settled for $4,000 by defense counsel on 7/1/15. Principle RM Schilling filed another lien for the same services under another name and Tax ID.  Using the proprietary “HEAT” database, CostFirst determined this was the same entity as before and provided Judge Atcherley with a list of eight other names and Tax ID’s used by Dr. Schilling.

CostFirst Resolution

Judge Atcherley’s Order stated: “RM Schilling has one lien in Eams. The defendant has a settlement of lien and showing in EAMS of a settlement in full @$4,000 to include all dates of service.  Lien claimant declines to withdraw; however, as a matter of law the lien is ordered satisfied and no further amounts are owed under any TAX ID on dates of service for this entity.”


Due to the ability of the “HEAT” database to verify and cross-reference provider changes such as name, address, Tax ID, and even NPI, the client avoided a duplicate payment of the lien. The counterfeit would not have been detected otherwise due to the significant difference in name and identification information. Judge Atcherley listed all eight names and Tax ID‘s on the Minute Order for future reference.