Date: 06/17/16
No: 2016-7

ADJ 8462905


CostFirst defeats five liens at a Lien Trial by demonstrating our knowledge of admissible evidence. The WCJ relied on our Trial Brief in formulating his decision regarding the applicability of an MPN.

Hearing: Lien Trial 02/19/16, submitted 3/18/16, Honorable Robert K. Norton, BAK

Lien-claimant(s) Lien Balance Resolution
National Script Pharmacy $29,294.22 Take Nothing
Edemar, Inc. Interpreting $11,087.00 Take Nothing
Firstline Health Long Beach $63,157.13 Take Nothing
Rehab Solutions (DME) $5,495.00 Take Nothing
Rehab Solutions (Shockwave) $36,683.64 Take Nothing

Case Facts

The case-in-chief was settled by Compromise and Release 5/13/15 for injuries to her neck and right shoulder with contested body parts of thoracic spine, lumbar spine, psych, upper extremities and internal organs.

Liens were assigned to CostFirst through OptiMix™, which encompasses from negotiation through trial with no additional defense attorneys fees. After CostFirst objected to the lien claimant late filed exhibits and unattested billing statements at Trial, the parties were directed to file Trial Briefs to support their position.

CostFirst Resolution

Case was submitted 03/18/16 after Judge Norton received the Trial Brief filed by CostFirst. Five lien claims were disallowed due to CostFirst objections to noncompliant billings and unfiled exhibits. At the same time, defendant established a valid MPN. Thus, the five lien claimants that proceeded to trial were unable to meet their burden of proof that treatment was necessary and charges were reasonable


The CostFirst OptiMix™ team demonstrated our knowledge of lien defense and prevailed against all lien claimants that insisted on their day in court. Two liens were settled prior to trial at substantial reductions. Therefore, total savings were $173,168.63 or 97%.